+++ 2nd place WPC-Innovation-Award Europe / WPC-Congress Cologne, Germany +++ ECOLIFE® decorated at the most important environmental award show of Europe! +++

ECOLIFE® is „green“ because of several reasons:
It is resource-efficient, resource-saving, environmental-friendly, energy-saving, recyclable, long-lasting, good value for money but still provides all characteristics which are demanded by a modern window in our days in terms of weather-resistance and design. It helps to meet ambitious environmental goals and is therefore supported by the Goverment of the Peoples Republic of China.

ECOLIFE® is resource-efficient and resource-saving

The more a product is used, the more efficient it is. The better it „pays off“. Same thing with plastics. If plastics are used a number of times for the same product we call this „recycling“. In our days we additionally do „downcycling“ which means, that a complete new type of product is made by re-using the plastic. Polymer-molecules can be recycled often but not as often as we want. We can do this over and over again until it is no longer possible to create a further reasonable product. The „last“ product will then be burned and/or thrown away and then it will be landfilled. The more steps or cascades we can add to this chain, the more „efficient“ is a product or a resource.

cascade recycling

For every material or resource such a „recyclingchain“ can be illustrated with a different number of steps or cascades. The more steps the better! With ECOLIFE®-profiles we have now succeeded to insert one step each in even two different „recyclingchains“: the „recyclingchain wood“ and in the „recyclingchain plastic“. The chains get longer which means more efficient. Therefore ECOLIFE® is double resource-efficient.
For the same reason less oil, gas and coal is needed for the production of new plastics. That’s why ECOLIFE® is resource-saving as well.

ECOLIFE® offers all crucial features of a modern window system

  • Stability – The wood-fibres inside the matrix have a reinforcing effect compared to a pure plastic-profile. So deforming can be minimized and the window is more leakproof.

  • UV-stability – A thin aluminium-layer protects the profile from weathering and fading so the original design can be kept longer.

  • Outdoor durability – Aluminium is a steam blocker and also protects from driving-rain. Wet outside – dry inside!

  • Design - The aluminium-layer enables the window to come in all design-colours: white, blue, yellow, aluminium-look, matt, glossy, brushed...Whatever you like! Even in combination.

ECOLIFE® is eco-friendly

By using wood-fibres, ECOLIFE® consists of a sustainable resource offered to us by mother nature. The carbon-dioxide (CO2) -embedded in the wood is stored long-term in the product so that it cannot rot. This makes sense, because with every rotting-process (also with every burning-process) the carbon-doixide-gas stored in the product gets released back into the atmosphere.
For the production of the wood-fibres only wood types are used which normally would exclusively have one more purpose: thermal utilisation by burning. Like this the wood is not burned but long-term stored in ECOLIFE® which means: less CO2 is emitted in our atmosphere. This helps to reach ambitious climate-goals and slows down the global warming due to the greenhouse-effect.
In the aluminium-production-process a large amount of CO2 is emitted. This is because the oxygen which is produced on the anode during the electroanalysis reacts with the coal of the anode to CO and CO2. So if aluminium is saved (for example ECOLIFE®-windows are used instead of aluminium-windows) CO2 – emission can be reduced. Last but not least ECOLIFE® helps to clean the environment because all these post-consumer-wastes which unfortunately can be found in nature because somebody threw it away carelessly, can be collected and re-used now. A further step to reduce the pollution of the environment. Not the only one, but one!
The Chinese Ministry of Construction forecasts a total CO2-saving potential of approx. 4.400.000 t / year in 2019. This corresponds double(!) the amount of what the german government wants to save in all german private housholds in the year 2020.

ECOLIFE® is energy-saving

  • Due to the characteristic combination of material and design, ECOLIFE® has a better insulation compared to an aluminium-profile. This is because there is no thermal bridge between „inside“ and „outside“. Comparison of the thermal transmission co-efficient (Uf) of a 60 mm – window-profile:

    • Aluminium - Profile (in China, 3 Chambers): Uf = 2,4 – 3,0 W/m2K
    • ECOLIFE® - Profile: Uf = 1,58 W/m2K

    ECOLIFE® - insulation is 1,5 to 1,9 times better.

  • Due to the high form-stability of the profile the window is leakproof. No heat goes outside, no cold gets inside, just like it should be.

  • Aluminium-production is a process where a lot of energy is needed. So if ECOLIFE® only uses a much smaller percentage of aluminium it also consumes a much smaller portion of energy in the production process. The less aluminium we use, the more energy we save. Logical? Eco-logical!

Only 3) enables savings in energy* of 35,15 mio MWh / year. This is (with an assumption of an energy consumption of 3,5 MWh per year per private houshold in Germany) what 25% of all german housholds consume today, or –in other words- the complete capacity per year of 6400 german wind generators.

_* = based on a forecast from the Ministry of Science & Technology of China for the PR China

ECOLIFE® has a good value for money

The way ECOLIFE® is produced and the combination of materials enable a sales price which is significantly cheaper than the price for an aluminium window and this, along with even better values for sound- and thermal insulation while providing the same attractive design. It is only slightly more expensive than a PVC-window, but significantly better in quality and much more eco-friendly!

ECOLIFE® is long-lasting and recyclable

At the end of its life-cycle of 40 – 50 years, all ECOLIFE®- materials can be re-used. An ecological consequence.

All these features had the effect that the market entry of ECOLIFE® is highly supported and promoted by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China.