+++ 2nd place WPC-Innovation-Award Europe / WPC-Congress Cologne, Germany +++ ECOLIFE® decorated at the most important environmental award show of Europe! +++

New with ECOLIFE® is the embedding of wood-fibres in a recycle-plastic and the weather-resistant bonding of a thin aluminium-band to the profile. This makes it sustainable, functional, it has a high quality and can even be sold for an attractive price.

By combining an especially developed co-extruded WPC-profile with the weather-resistant bonding of a thin but colored aluminium-band (inside and outside) protecting the profile from sunlight and rain, a WPC-window-profile for the first time worldwide, meets all complex technical demands.

By embedding the wooden micro-fibres in a PVC-free(!) recycling-plastic-matrix from post-consumer-waste (e.g. shampoo-bottles), the profiles unify ressource-efficiency and environmental combatibility with the energy-saving approach. The bio-micro-fibres ensure the form-stability and therefore the leak-tightness of the window.

A new specific corner-connection was designed to join the profiles together on all corners and intersections in an easy and reliable way. Like this, different systems and sizes of windows can now be manufactured.